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pathway to dawn

Role: Level Designer

Game - Areia - Banner.png
Game Overview

Areia: pathway to dawn is a single-player, Third-person, atmospheric game for Personal Computer (PC), where players experience the pilgrimage of a lonesome wanderer through a world made out of water and sand. In this spiritual journey, highly inspired by eastern beliefs, players traverse a large variety of unique landscapes, as they build their own path towards enlightenment. Through exploration and platforming challenges, players must use the main character’s ability to manipulate water and sand to uncover its mysteries and those of the world surrounding it.

  • Designed and built multiple levels for the game (from paper drafts to shippable quality)

  • Prototyped game mechanics and built test scenarios to explore their value and evaluate technical risks

  • Implemented support tools and scripted sequences using Blueprint

  • Collaborated with teammates to consolidate game mechanics and level progression, as well as keeping everything properly documented

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

  • Genre: Atmospheric, Exploration

  • Development time: 2 years

  • Game type: Single-Player

  • Team size: 8 developers

  • Release date: Jan, 2020


While working on Areia, although my main role is designing and building levels, I am also responsible for more technical aspects of the game in collaboration with the team. In terms of level design, I participated in the development of all game, contributing for every level of the game to some extent - either with design, world building, gameplay adjustments or post-production. In addition, I have also contributed to the following technical features: permanent path mechanic (prototype and implementation), checkpoint/saving system, wind force volumes, and others.

More details about my work on Areia, after release ;)! 

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