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Starside Resort

Role: Game Programmer

Game Overview

Starside Celebrity Resort (Starside, for shorters) is a casual mobile (Android and iOS) match-3 game, focused on narrative and city-building, in which players get to build and customize their own resort using resources gathered from beating fun match-3 challenges.  As the new owners of the Starside Resort, a secret island retreat loved by VIP’s from all over the world, players need to restore and decorate its different areas, making it beautiful and cozy for its troublesome guest stars. With the help and support of Veronica Stern, the resort’s concierge, they must beat unique tropical puzzles and uncover celebrity secrets in their quest to turn a shabby seaside hotel into a first-class celebrity resort!

  • Contributed to the design, architecture and development of different game systems along with editing-support tools, using Unity (C#)

  • Implemented special effects and other visual feedbacks in collaboration with teammates

  • Wrote automated unit tests to cover different game features

  • Performed peer code reviews as well as documented features and tools for maintenance and usability

  • Engine: Unity

  • Genre: Match-3, City-Building

  • Development time: 1.5 year + post launch maintenance (on-going)

  • Game type: Single-Player with Social Coop

  • Team size: 11 developers (at launch)

  • Release date: May, 2017


While working at Tapps Games, I have participated in the development of several mobile games, being responsible for contributing with architecture and design, implementation of various systems, bug fixing and keeping track of the overall Sprint status along with teammates.
Although the core tool used was Unity (C#), I had also worked with Corona SDK and the company's internal engine (both Lua-based). Of all projects I've participated, I mainly contributed to Starside Celebrity Resort. I have helped developing the game from its early stages up to shipping, in addition to maintenance after release. Throughout that time, my main contributions were: ​

  • Base structure for popups, screenflow and HUD/UI systems

  • Story (Mission) System - behavior and FX scripting

  • Side events - game flow, popups, transitions and behaviors

  • Game overall localization structure

  • Improvements on statistics calculation

  • Social Network (Facebook) integration - logic and visuals implementation

  • Unit tests for checking both game features and the company’s internal libraries/tools

  • Video Ads-Reward and Bundle System

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